Chewing Gum Removal | Steam Cleaning Services by Northern Restoration

Hot Water Pressure Washing Specialists

At Northern Restoration specialise intop-quality  chewing gum removal services for any exterior surface in most regions of the UK. In an industry worth over £13 billion, chewing gum stains have become a major problem on many of our streets and businesses within the UK. Taking over 5 years to biodegrade naturally, it’s easy to see why our services are so important to a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers. Our aim is to offer a hassle free, environmentally friendly, chewing gum removal and pressure washing service that’s tailored around your specific business needs.

Whether it’s paving, brick, tarmac, concrete or stone, our specialised steam cleaning, water jetting system, can clean at a temperature of up to 150°C ensuring the surface is deep cleaned and sanitised eradicating any evidence the chewing gum was ever there.

Unlike other chewing gum removal companies, Northern Restoration will clean the entire effected area, rather than spot clean the chewing gum only. This method leaves patches and looks just as unsightly as the chewing gum marks themselves. Our chewing gum removal services are available for playgrounds, schools, town centres, supermarkets, retail outlets, shopping centres, showrooms, fast food restaurants, services stations and stadiums.

Our Specialist Services are available throughout The North (Leeds and the areas surrounding the same). Consult with our experts at Northern Restoration to avail a no-obligation quotation on removing chewing gum!