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Exterior Building Cleaning and Restoration Experts

Northern Restoration has over 15 years experience in high level commercial building cleaning and steam cleaning services throughout the UK. Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, we specialise in all aspects of exterior building cleaning and our specialised high-tech systems are ideal for cleaning any industrial or commercial premises, no matter what the size or style of the property.

Before any high-level building cleaning works can proceed, one of our experienced surveyors will assess the building to determine the safest and most efficient way to proceed. Access methods may include ladders, harness systems, water-fed extension poles, scaffolding or scaffold tower or mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP’s). Then by either navigating our portable system through the building itself or operating from one of our fully equipped vans stationed nearby, we will ensure that every inch of your building is cleaned and restored to a high, professional standard.

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Our hot or cold water jet washing and soft wash cleaning systems will clean and restore stone, cladding, brickwork, render, pebbledash, glass, UPVC or slate at almost any height in a safe and effective manner.

Our High Level Jet Wash Cleaning and Building Restoration Services are available throughout The North and surrounding areas.