Events & Stadium Cleaning

High Access & Specialist Cleaning Services

At Northern Restoration we specialise in providing professional stadium and events cleaning services, throughout the UK.

We have an excellent reputation in the exterior cleaning sector, which we have earned over the past ten years. In particular, we provide a wide range of effective treatments for surface cleaning and restoration.

Our experienced team is highly trained in the specialist cleaning of high-level surfaces. In fact, we work on projects like this full-time.

It is very important to regularly maintain all public areas. Of course, this is especially significant in zones with high footfall. In brief, we can prevent long term issues, including algae infestations, staining and the spread of germs and viruses on surfaces.

Your image and reputation are hugely important. We can help to ensure your customers have a positive experience on your premises. In particular, each project is carefully assessed by our experts, and we can design a package based on your specific needs.

Our range of services includes power washing, soft washing, steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, abrasive blasting and sealing treatments.

Stadium Cleaning Services | High Level Cleaning Specialists | Northern Restoration Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Northern Restoration is fully insured to deal with all aspects of Stadium and Events Cleaning (£10 million employers’ liability and £5 million public liability). We are also members of the Safe Contractor Accreditation Scheme and Construction Line, which means that we are always up to date with Health & Safety requirements and government standards. See H&S Policy.

Our Events and Stadium Cleaning Services are available throughout The North and surrounding areas.