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Outdoor Playground Cleaning and Maintenance Company Based in Leeds

Our wet pour resin cleaning services or playground cleaning services are available for anyone responsible, or tasked with, maintaining outdoor safety surface playground areas.

Becoming ever more popular for councils organisations, schools and private play parks, wet pour is a fantastic, child friendly and low maintenance, way to ensure a soft, colourful and robust surface for our children to laugh and play. They are however susceptible to dirt and moss build up if not maintained.

Our specialised steam cleaning systems can easily lift and remove any unwanted contaminants ensuring moss and algae is unable to multiply and potentially damage the structure of the surface. Our resin playground cleaning services also cover playground equipment, ensuring all apparatus is sanitised and thoroughly rinsed down.

We can provide water onsite meaning we are a fully self contained unit that needs nothing other than the green light to proceed. Our team offers national coverage and free site surveys.

Our wet pour playground cleaning services are available in Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Hull and all surrounding areas.

Just give us a call for any information you require.

Our Specialist Playground Restoration Services are available throughout The North and surrounding areas.