Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cleaning by Northern Restoration

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cleaning | Stamped Concrete Restoration | Outdoor Cleaning and Maintenance

Pattern imprinted concrete cleaning services provided by Northern Restoration are available to residential or commercial clients that struggle to find the time to maintain and upkeep their exterior surfaces.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete or stamped concrete as it’s also known, was designed to be relatively low maintenance, cost-effective, alternative to authentic materials such as natural stone, brick and slate, whilst still displaying that natural look. As with any exterior surface that’s left unattended, it can often become infected with algae and moss build-up, leaving it to become slippery and grubby looking.

Our service offers an environmentally friendly, steam cleaning procedure, designed to prevent organic growth on your stamped concrete/PIC. Whether it’s a driveway, patio or pathway, our specialised steam cleaning system can operate at a temperature of up to 150°C ensuring the surface is deep cleaned and sanitised eradicating any evidence the moss or algae was there.

Our Specialist Building Site Power Washing and Restoration Services are available throughout The North and surrounding areas.