Render and Pebbledash Cleaning Services

Specialist Soft Washing and Delicate Surface Cleaning

Northern Restoration offer render cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout the north. When asked to carry out the cleaning of delicate surfaces, such as render and pebbledash, we always like to come and assess the overall state of the surface first to determining whether the surface is robust enough to proceed. Once established suitable we will apply a specially formulated chemical cleaning treatment to the surface in order to help break down any ingrained dirt and algae build up. This is followed by a gentle “soft wash” scrub using our water fed extendable poles/lances to wash any unwanted contaminants away.

We have carried out many render cleaning projects over the years for a wide range of satisfied clients. This has enabled us to accumulate a wealth of experience in dealing with the specialist cleaning of delicate surfaces such as render and pebbledash. If you would like a free test patch or sample clean to be carried out on your property before you decide to book then just simply contact our team and a staff member will be in touch.

Render Cleaning – Pebbledash Cleaning – Building Site Cleaning – Power Wash/Soft Wash Cleaning Leeds

All these areas are cleaned and treated to a high professional standard.

Our specialist pebbledash and render restoration and power washing services are available throughout Leeds, Yorkshire and surrounding areas.