Tarmac Cleaning Services | Cleaning Moss and Weeds from Tarmac Surfaces

Tarmac Cleaning, Sealing and Recolouring | Tarmac Restoration Specialists In Leeds, Yorkshire

Northern Restoration has a wealth of experience in tarmac cleaning and surface restoration techniques throughout the UK. In essence, our systems ensures that moss, lichen, algae and dirt is safely removed from even the most delicate of tarmac surfaces.

All our machines have adjustable pressure settings. This means that during cleaning we apply the correct amount of pressure so we do not damage the surface during the restoration process.

Usually, at this stage, we can assess any potholes and cracks in your tarmac. If we find damaged areas, we can cut these out and replace them with fresh new tarmac, before we level the surface. We fill any cracks with a specialised joint repair compound that helps to strengthen and bind the tarmac.

In fact, we recommend that damaged areas are repaired sooner rather than later. This will prevent them from becoming worse through the winter months.

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Tarmac Coatings (Recolouring and Sealing Treatments)

Tarmac Coatings are a fantastic, cost-effective way to deliver a brand new looking surface at a fraction of the cost. Essentially, we apply these as a two-coat process. Specifically, the coatings will help to prevent future moss and algae growth.

Certainly, you should keep vehicles off the tarmac for at least 24 hours after the paint seal is applied. Please keep people and pets off the area until it is completely dry (This takes about four hours.)

Our Specialist Tarmac Cleaning and Sealing Services are available throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas.