Block Paving Maintenance

Whether your block paving is freshly installed or old and weathered, block paving will always need general maintenance. To preserve the appearance and longevity of your paving you must regularly sweep with a stiff brush to prevent detritus getting a chance to settle on the surface and take root in the sand between the blocks. This is common in all areas exposed to sunlight, damp corners and anywhere close to trees, plants or grass etc.

In order to control moss and weeds, we recommend you should treat the area approximately 3-4 times a year (depending on the severity of the problem) with a general anti-fungicidal wash or all-purpose weed/moss killer. There are a range of products available in all DIY stores that are quick and easy to use (please read the label for product guidance). These basic steps should help keep your area looking clean and respectable all year round.

It is essential that any sand removed during the cleaning process is replaced soon after to ensure the paving maintains its structural integrity. The sand used for this is Kiln-Dried Sand and is available at all Builders Merchants and some DIY stores.

Block Paving Sealants

Block paving sealants are becoming more and more popular. Their main benefits are to stabilise the joint sand, enhance the natural colour of the blocks, protect the paving from stains and, quote: “help prevent weed and moss growth”. Remember that even with a good quality paving sealer, your paving will still need the basic maintenance mentioned above. Weeds and Moss will always appear to areas left unattended; sealers will only slow the growth process down.

Sealants can be applied by either a pressure sprayer or roller. Manufactures instructions will recommend the best way for their particular products (please read the label for product guidance). Typically, sealants come in 3 different types of finish: Matt, Wet-Look and Gloss. They are available in large DIY stores, but usually cheaper online; the choice of these is simply down to your preference.

We will nearly always recommend applying a sealer to freshly cleaned and re-sanded block paving simply due to the 4 reasons mentioned above.

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