Exterior Building Maintenance

Exterior building cleaning is not really something that needs regular maintenance as such (depending on location and surroundings etc). However they are still susceptible to the build up of certain organisms that will settle and multiply if they are left to do so. Brickwork, stone and cladding are usually cleaned using an anti-fungal wash treatment before carefully removing any deposit build-up using a steam pressure washer. This will stop any algae build-up on the surface and help you stay one step ahead of the situation.

Stone and Brickwork Protection Treatments

To help prevent build-up of organisms such as algae and mold it is possible to treat your brick or stone work with a specialised protective coating. However, they are more commonly used to give that bit of extra protection against penetrating damp and can be very effective in forming a water tight seal to the buildings exterior. Other uses for brick and stonework coating are to prevent graffiti, freeze-thaw spalling and salt attacks which can cause serious damage.

If a wall or building is suffering from rising damp then it’s probably contaminated with salts also. It which case it will need an independent surveyor to assess the situation as coatings may not be the correct way to protect the wall or building.

(Please always read the label for product guidance as application methods vary depending on product).

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