Pattern Imprinted Concrete Maintenance

Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC) can look very attractive when well maintained and as this surface is relatively low maintenance, it is widely becoming more and more popular for domestic customers

All that’s needed to maintain PIC is a rinse with anti-fungal wash or soapy water and a good medium bristle brush. This will ensure that no moss and algae gets a chance to settle and multiply on the surface. We recommend you do this 2-4 times a year depending on condition. It really is that simple!

PIC Protective Sealers

Once installed, it is general practice to have a PIC Sealer/Protector applied to help protect the surface from cracks, stains and bad weather. Assuming that this has been done, you should easily get 3 years out of a sealer before it needs sealing/protecting again.

The PIC sealer/protector is generally applied using a long handled roller and is available to buy in some large DIY stores. Note, however, that better deals are available online (please read the label for product guidance).

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