Roof Maintenance

Moss build up on roofs is a common problem for many of our buildings in the UK. At best, it is unsightly; at worst, it can be damaging to your roof. The main issue when cleaning at height is the difficulty of accessing the area safely. The safest method is to clean the area with an extendable pole and jet nozzle attachments (wall or roof crawler) from ground level or a flat mid-level surface like an extension or garage roof. However, this is often not possible, so more complex measures need to be used, such as scaffolding, scaffold tower or MEWP (cherry picker).

When cleaning any tile or slate roof it is always important to work from the top down to avoid water pressure lifting and damaging the tiles, but also to prevent water getting underneath causing leaks inside. If you overcome these access issues then it is always good to treat the moss first with a anti-fungicidal wash or moss killer treatment (please read the label for product guidance). This will loosen the moss’s grip on the roof making the cleaning process much easier.

Roof Sealing and Protective Coatings

Roof paints and sealers are a great way to restore your roof and protect it from the elements & moss and algae build-up. They are available in clear or coloured paints and have flexible, thermal resistant, water tight properties that help your roof stay protected all year round.

Methods for applying paint sealers vary depending on the type of roof tile, but paint brushes/rollers and/or a pressure sprayer should be sufficient for covering all the common types of tile.

Roof coatings usually have manufacturers warranties with them and last from 5 to 20 years depending on product (please read the label for product guidance).

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