Tarmac Maintenance

Tarmac surfaces are very susceptible to a number of weaknesses, moss growth, colour loss and cracks being just a few. The best way to treat moss is with a fungicidal wash/moss killer (please read the label for product guidance). This will loosen the moss’s grip on the tarmac making it easier to sweep up along with any dirt and debris.

The most effective method of cleaning a tarmac surface is to use a pressure washer. However, the treatment application, mentioned above, and a good sweep with a stiff brush will help preserve the surface and go a long way to prevent moss and weeds accumulating. We recommend you to do this 3-4 times a year depending on state, condition, and of course, area surroundings.

If your tarmac has any holes or cracks then you can buy pre-prepared tarmac repair materials or crack repair compounds that are available in large DIY stores and are relatively easy to apply (please read the label for product guidance). Ensure the area has had time to dry out before applying such products.

Tarmac Recolouring and Sealing

Tarmac protective coatings are a great way to revitalise your tarmac, replacing the resins that the elements dry out, giving a quality, new look finish. A good quality paint/sealer will soak into the tarmac, replenishing the surface and protecting it against any moss, weeds and algae that may decide to settle there. Two coats are essential as the first layer soaks into tarmac and the second coat seals the surface ensuring that it looks consistent throughout.

The best way to apply the tarmac coatings are with a long handled roller. Use thick pile rollers that are suitable for rough surfaces and try to spread out evenly (please always read the product label for guidance).

We recommend doing this every 4 years (approx) in order to keep the area protected and looking new.

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