Wood Decking Maintenance

Unfortunately, wood decking is not ideally suited for our good old British weather and therefore requires frequent attention. Regular maintenance is essential to preserve the wood’s appearance and condition so we recommend a rinse with Sugar Soap (please read the label for product guidance) and a medium bristle brush 3-4 times a year to keep it looking nice and clean.

If you want to give your decking a more forceful clean then a rotary surface cleaner attached to a pressure washer are a great tool for this. Be sure to choose the right pressure setting on your system as too much pressure will damage the wood and too little pressure will be a waste of your time.

Wood Decking Oil and Protectors

Decking Oil and Protectors are a great way to keep your decking looking fresh. They generally come In a range of colours (Natural, Oak, Cedar, Pine, etc) and, when applied correctly with the recommended 2 coats, they usually last 2-3 years. Decking Oils are usually applied as a 2 coat process using a large, medium bristle, paint brush to spread the Oil evenly across the surface, ensuring all grooves are adequately covered. This process helps to safeguard the wood from rot and decay whilst nourishing the wood and giving a quality finish.

We would always recommend a decking oil over a decking stain as we are yet to come across a stain that lasts as long as it claims on the tin. They often become patchy and flaky within 12 months leaving the customer to call us for a costly and time-consuming restoration.

Decking Oil/Protector are available in all DIY stores (please read the label for product guidance).

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