Wood Decking Sealing – Oil Treatments and Protecting

Wood Decking Oiling and Protection Treatments

When Treating your Decking we always recommend an Oil over a Stain. Decking Stains often become flaky and patchy within 6-12 months and, in our opinion, are just simply not fit for purpose.

Once your decking is completely dry and likely to remain dry for the near future, the oiling process can begin. The Decking Oil is applied using soft paint brushes to ensure all grooves are adequately covered. Decking is always Treated with 2 coats of Oil to ensure an even quality finish, whist nourishing and safeguard the wood from rot and decay.

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People and furniture should be kept off the decking for at least 4 hours after the oil/ protector is applied.

Our Specialist Wood Decking Cleaning and Restoration Services are available throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas.