Tarmac Sealing and Recolouring Treatments

Tarmac Coatings (Recolouring and Sealing Treatments)

Tarmac Coatings are a fantastic, cost effective way to deliver a brand new Driveway at a fraction of the cost. The purpose of Coatings are not just aesthetic; they also help to protect the surface from Moss, Weeds, Lichens and Algae build up. Coatings are applied in a 2 coat process using a long handled roller to ensure a consistent looking, even finish throughout.

Vehicles should be kept off the tarmac for at least 24 hours after the paint seal is applied. People and pets should keep off the area until it is completely dry (4 hours approx).

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Our Specialist Tarmac Cleaning and Sealing Services are available throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas.